Company strives to combat obesity with healthy lunches

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The recipe begins with all natural ingredients.  Then the fresh food is cooked and packaged to perfection.

Children at Keystone Kids Early Learning Center, in Shrewsbury, get a first hand taste into the growing company, “Wholesome Tummies.”

“Wholesome Tummies” York County Franchise owner, Kelly Jarvis says, “They’re eating things they normally love would love to be eating anyway, it’s just we’re making it from scratch, fresh and with lots of whole grains and vegetables and they love it.”

Jarvis and her cook, Sean Bardwell, serve up fresh meals to seven schools throughout the week, with a goal to grow and a passion to please.

“To get all the chemicals and unnatural things out of foods,” says Jarvis.

Bardwell says, “And give families another alternative on foods they can provide their children.”

Parents pre-order the wholesome meals online.

For more information on the comprehensive healthy eating plan, contact “Wholesome Tummies.”