Former Christian school teacher sentenced in sex assault case

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After asking for forgiveness, former music teacher William Jackson found out Tuesday he’ll go to prison for two to six years for sexually abusing seven boys.

Jackson used to teach at Bible Baptist school in Shiremanstown, Cumberland County. The school is now called West Shore Christian Academy.

Police arrested Jackson last September after one of his victims came forward, saying Jackson fondled him while they were alone in a classroom.

Jackson pleaded guilty earlier this year. In addition to prison time, Judge Edward Guido sentenced him to 20 years of supervised probation. He agreed to be labeled a “sexually violent predator” and will register as a sex offender in accordance with Megan’s Law. The judge ordered him to have no direct or indirect comment with the victims or their families.

“As a parent myself, I think had my child been one of these victims, I’d like to see a longer sentence, certainly. But, based on the experiences I’ve had and working in this court for so long, I understand our judges are going to look at the guidelines and fashion a sentence they believe is appropriate,” said Cumberland County District Attorney David Freed.

Before the judge announced his sentence, Jackson told the victims about “my sorrow, specifically for the hurt and pain I brought to you.”

Three victims’ parents spoke as well.

One dad said four words summed up what his son has been going through: “betrayal, isolation, fear and loss.”

Another dad fought back tears as he told the judge about the lingering effects of what his kids experienced. “My children have not suffered physical scars and bruising…but my children have suffered scars in their hearts and minds.”

After the hearing, Jackson declined to comment to reporters. Another inmate walking alongside him said, “He don’t like kids anymore. He likes old men. He’s mine now.”


  • uhavnoclu

    you see where the church really stands on unmarried sex.Homosexuality and same sex marriage. and you al;l follow them and think they are more closer to god then you? ha ha ha..ignorant blind fools.

  • Kelly P.

    why did you delete my last comment? You should NOT have included in this article or video what that unnamed inmate said at the end. His family may have been watching that. Shame on you.

  • nobiz

    why did the writer of this article feel the need to add that inmate's comment at the end? I don't think that's good journalism.

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