Golf Tip: Hitting a straighter drive

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We’re at the Golf Academy at Royal Manchester Golf Course for the Sutliff Chevy FOX43 Golf Tip of the Week.  Joining us now is their head pro, Kieron Mooney.  Kieron, whats the tip?

Kieron Mooney, PGA Professional, Royal Manchester Golf Course

“Bill, we are going to help people from slicing that ball.  Quite honestly, you need to get the face to come from this angle right here, pointing up, slightly toed in.  And when you are coming back down towards the golf ball, you need to release to the left side, which will square the face up.  So at impact when you come through, that face needs to be going up at that angle and not that.  That will stop it from going to the right.  I will try to hit one for you.  Just keep everything moving to the left side.”