Police seize evidence from home of Ummad Rushdi

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Police removed boxes of evidence from the York home of Ummad Rushdi this evening.
They believe Rushdi is the man who killed 7-month-old Hamza Ali by shaking him at a home in Upper Darby.
Then police say he drove to Central Pennsylvania and possibly buried the body.

Police won’t comment about what they found in this home on Castle Pond Drive.
But what people witnessed police gather from standing across the street made it appear like they’re closer to finding the 7-month-old baby that’s been missing for more than a week now.

Police removed this large covered object along with boxes and manila folders from Ummad Rushdi’s home after more than 4 hours of searching.
A K9 unit and multiple officers combed through the home in hopes of finding any clues that may lead them to 7-month old Hamza Ali.
Court documents say Ummad Rushdi admitted to his brother that he buried Ali but where, remains unanswered.

Jeff Miller lives next door.
He remembers the last time he spoke with Rushdi, and the last time he saw Ali.

“He did strike up a religious conversation with me, and he had the child in his arms and told me he was married and it was his kid,” says Jeff Miller.

An affidavit states that Rushdi is not Ali’s father.
But Miller isn’t surprised Rushdi lied.
He kept his distance by installing a privacy fence to block the view next door.
But — he does remember seeing Rushdi driving a taxi about a week ago.

“He’s come to the house and stayed with it but this particular day, Monday a week ago he was in and out several times with it…we found that to be odd,” says Miller.

Besides Rushdi’s home, police also searched in Camp Betty Washington Park and in Columbia, Lancaster County.
It’s not clear whether police will continue their search Tuesday.

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  • Asghar

    I really hope he comes clean and tells the cops where he buried the baby. It's time for the baby's family to get some closure by giving him a proper burial. Praying.

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