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Preparing for natural disasters: How to stay safe in hurricanes and flooding

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East Coast Begins To Clean Up And Assess Damage From Hurricane Sandy

Flooding is the United States’ number one natural disaster, and, according to NOAA’s National Hurricane Center, storm surge poses the greatest threat to life and property along the coastlines.  In 2012, Superstorm Sandy caused 72 deaths in the U.S. Damages from Sandy topped $60 billion, including more than $6.7 billion in claims paid by the National Flood Insurance Program.

Despite the risks, many residents across the U.S. are not taking adequate steps to protect their lives or their property.  Dr. Rick Knabb, Director of the National Hurricane Center, and Leslie Chapman-Henderson, President and CEO of the Federal Alliance for Safe Homes, discuss the risks associated with the peak of the hurricane season and reveal simple ways you can protect your home, your business and your family.