Steelers feel sense of urgency in 2013

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The Steelers had a disappointing season in 2012 and they had a disappointing start to this preseason.  In game one against the Giants, Pittsburgh does not score a touchdown on offense.  But Antonio Brown says, that’s no big deal.

Antonio Brown, Steelers Receiver

“I mean, its preseason.  You want to take a step each game.  Im sure that we will be excited to get back onto the grass and play a little more and get a little bit more rhythm and chemistry and see more touchdowns.”

The Steelers defense also needs to play a bigger role, especially when it comes to creating turnovers.

Lawrence Timmons, Steelers Linebacker

“You want to provide your offense with a short field and you want to be a catalyst for your offense. Whatever it takes is pretty much the cause for us.”

There’s no doubt the Steelers feel, a sense of urgency, to get back to the playoffs and their winning ways in 2013.

Brett Kiesel, Steelers Defensive Lineman

“We want to get back to winning our division and to be a playoff team and making a run in the playoffs.  There’s definitely a sense of urgency and hopefully it pays off.”

Antonio Brown, Steelers Receiver

“This is a year to improve and to get better.  You know as well as I do, this is a what have you done for me lately league and thats the approach that we take.  It matters and counts right now.”

The Steelers will head to Washington to face the Redskins on Monday night.

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