Neighbors Want Family’s Handicap Ramp Removed

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A handicap ramp in front of a Fountain family’s house is in the middle of a neighborhood squabble.

Vincent and Heidi Giesegh say their neighbors are threatening legal action if they don’t remove the ramp. They say the next door couple is worried that the ramp will hurt the value of their home. The Giesegh’s say they need it for their 16 year old daughter Kirsten who has Cerebral Palsy.

“As she goes into her spastic modes, we could just tumble down the stairs and both of us could get massively hurt,” said Heidi Giesegh.

The Giesegh’s neighborhood doesn’t have an HOA, and the family says the City of Fountain told them it was ok to install the ramp and widen their driveway for a handicap van. 11 News went next door to get the neighbor’s side of the story and they told us no comment.

“It’s kind of irritating,” said Vincent Giesegh. “I mean we’re trying to do our best to assist our daughter with her daily needs to get in and out of the house.”



  • Tamara

    of course they said no comment. They don't want to be ridiculed for the comments they make
    . They don't know what it is like to have a handy cap child or other relative for that matter.. What is wrong with people today .. Let them alone to take care of their family the way they need to..Do they pay their mortgage or taxes on their property to be able to tell them how to take care of it or what to do with it.. It isnt like they got a junk yard started in their front lawn.

  • Kathy Ream

    Those complaining should walk a mile in their neighbors shoes and then see how they feel. Too many people just can't mind their own business

  • Darly

    Our society is in real trouble when someone wants to deny a handicapped child. Folks, look around! Wake up and realize that this once great nation is falling apart right before our eyes. The greedy and selfish are calling the shots, and that is NOT good!

  • stephanie cauler

    Really, what completely horrible, greedy and selfish people….I was so thoroughly annoyed when I read this….what is wrong with these people….she is "HANDICAP"….it is a ramp…..Each and every one of u should be ashamed of yourself and be thankful your child does not have Cerebral palsy…and god or karma will punish you for your selfish greedy ways….shame on you

  • Disgusted

    wow, what a heartless, cruel, selfish neighborhood. if that family lived near me I would have offered to help them to not only put the ramp in, but to landscape around it & then to help them make the interior accessible for their daughter as well. those neighbors need to mind their own business, go about living their lives in their own little self centered world & get a life!

  • Melissa

    Well if they want t have their say about a ramp that it necessary maybe the Geisegh family should decide to compalin about their neighbors lawn decorations, flower beds etc. I.m sure they have something unpleasant to the eye out there. Hateful nasty people make me sick.

  • Chris

    They got the proper approval for the ramp. The neighbors needs to keep their noses out of other's business. I would think any judge would laugh any lawsuit out of the court.

  • arieh10

    What has happened to our society where people no longer feel empathy, compassion, or understanding for someone who is handicapped. The neighbors should have been over there offering their assistance in helping to build the ramp instead of complaining about it. The problem is that this is only a microcosm of our American society in general and the neighbor's "threatening to sue" is not surprising in the least. Only saddening.

  • Harold

    I can not believe the mentality of people today!! … They probably all sit and watch the bad things happening in the world today and think how sad that is … But, when a family builds a ramp so their daughter can have access to her house this is wrong how??

    You neighbors need to really get a life!! … What makes you think you are so superior to anyone else? I'm sure all those neighbors would probably never help another human being by the sound of it. Your all heartless, rude and self centered!

    Kind of reminds me of a family that moved around me from the "Big City" in NY. They thought the country was so beautiful, they found a farmer that sold them a piece of his land so they could build a house, then they petitioned the court to have him cease and desist his farming because the smell was bothering them!! …. So, he is suppose to stop his livelihood after being nice enough to sell you some land because you can't stand the smell of the "country" … Move back to NY then!

  • Carolyn

    When it comes to the needs of their handicapped daughter, the neighbors should be offering help instead of trying to take away what mobility she has. If the shoe were on the other foot, how would they feel?
    Some people can just be so insensitive!!

  • Robin

    the neighbors should have nothing to say about the ramp. Do they have a child with cerebral palsy? If not, then they have no idea how difficult it is for the family that does. These people have the right to protect themselves as well as their child. Neighbors, keep your nose out of their business. If the value in your house is affected then move. Leave the poor people alone.

  • steve

    This kind of ignorant stuff happens all the time, im sick of it. My grandparents own a property they rent out and never had a problem till they let a black guy move in, nice as good be and even helped my grandparents with mowing there property, but the neighbors complained and said “only family members could live there”..if its not your property then mind your own business, how would you like it if someone else controlled your house, your life, your money!!

  • Julie

    This family is dealing with taking care of their child who has special needs and take care of her in whatever they need to di including this ramp… it is no one else’s business as long as they’re doing things properly and God forbid if they would not have put a ramp up and something would have happened these would be the first people to be trying to turn them in and say that they were not good parents. What is it going to take for people to just stop the stupidity? God help us all!

  • Heartbroken

    My husband was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2007. Ever since then, he and I have both struggled & continue to struggle with unimaginable challenges. He is now confined to a wheelchair & we need to do whatever we can to get through our day. We have no choice but to stay positive, and we do our best to lean on eachother and do just that. We're a great team! However, it is not realistic to say we are able to stay positive all the time. No one can know what it's like until you go through it.
    This story sickens both of us. There are no words to describe the pain we both feel in our hearts for this family!
    Try living the life of this poor little girl! Not to mention go through what her parents go through. It's a daily struggle, physically, emotionally & mentally! Selfish, selfish neighbors!! Shame on you!! (To say the very least)
    Dear Editor of this article, if there is a way that you could put us in contact with this little girl and her family, please let us know. We would somehow like to give them all our support!….Thank you!

  • Kenneth Barclay, Sr.

    You really don't want to know what I'd tell the neighbors. The only nice think I'd say is if you don't like this ramp. either build a better one that this child can still use. also, if you don't want to see it either don't drive passed my house or move.Or better yet you can buy my house for $250,000 above its value

  • mickey

    Wow, just wow! I personally think this concrete ramp looks fine! Whatever helps their daughter's life is what is needed. If the family had approval from their twp/borough, it is really NONE of the neighbor's business anyway! It is amazing how cruel some people in this world are becoming!!!!!

  • ryan

    Yeah it is kind of ugly but..seriously? They should be aloud to do whatever they want unleaa its causing a freedom or health violation. They are paying for the house and land. Neighbors need to leave them alone. I would do the same for my kids if needed

  • Barb

    That is an amazingly beautiful ramp !!! WHY is it a problem? I have seen so many added ramps that look as if they used the backyard tree trunk to build it & looks like it will fall apart in the first rain or wind storm ! This one looks professionally done & if the family followed all local laws & ordinances, NO ONE else should have say in it. If removed, it could REALLY create an eyesore, & if t was me, I think I'd make sure it looks as bad as it possibly can look, just for spite!

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