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Tiger Woods blames pain on soft bed

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We’re going to try to get through this without a dirty joke, but come on, Tiger Woods, now you’re just messing with us.

Tiger Woods and Lindsey Vonn made headlines in March when they announced they were a couple.

The world’s greatest golfer and greatest target for a fun headlines met the media Wednesday prior to the start of The Barclays, where he is the favorite because of course he is. He was fresh off the course from the pro-am portion of the tournament, which he quit after nine holes due to s stiff back and neck.

Why did you have a stiff back and neck, Tiger? He says it’s due to a soft hotel mattress.

“I didn’t want to push it, so I just chipped and putted,” Woods said. “It was fine at home, just hotel beds.”

Just hotel beds. (Bites tongue).

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