U.S. stands alone, Brits vote against Syria attack

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CNN: The United States may have to take unilateral action against Syria after British lawmakers voted down a proposal for military action, a senior U.S. official said Thursday.

“I do think it’s a possibility,” said the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity.

The United States values what Britain thinks, the diplomat said, adding “we’re going to make the decision we need to make.”

British lawmakers on Thursday voted down a proposal to take military action against Syria, dealing Prime Minister David Cameron a blow in his push for a strong response to claims the Syrian government used chemical weapons against its own people.

Cameron said he would not go against the vote of Parliament.

“I strongly believe in the need for a tough response to the use of chemical weapons, but I also believe in respecting the will of this House of Commons,” the prime minister said, adding that the vote reflected the views of the people who do not want to see British military action.

“I get that and the government will act accordingly,” he said.

News of the vote came hours after a closed-door meeting of the U.N. Security Council ended with no agreement on a resolution to address the growing crisis in Syria, a Western diplomat told CNN’s Nick Paton Walsh on condition of anonymity.

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