Runaway horse smashes into mini-van in Lancaster County

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A horse got away from its Amish owner trying to hitch it to a buggy and smashed into a mini-van on Lincoln Highway. It happened Sunday night around 11:30 in the 3100 block of Lincoln Highway in Paradise Township. The horse was running east on Route 30. Brian Mattern, 41, of Mountville, was driving the Honda Odyssey mini-van and didn’t see the horse until it was too late. The front of the van smashed into the horse and it rolled up the hood, entering the passenger side through the windshield and travelling the length of the Odyssey. The horse came to rest partially inside the vehicle.

The right front passenger, Amanda Mattern, 37, was taken to the hospital for head trauma. Brian Mattern and two children were also taken to the hospital for treatment of minor injuries. Route 30 was shut down while the horse was extricated from the Odyssey.


  • jane heller

    hey, why would we be surprised- the way the Amish treat their animals, like garbage, it's no wonder it tried to escape. and unlike the poor Amish puppy mill dogs that can't escape, at least this poor devil is now free of the Amish and this world where animals are used and abused til they are worthless and with the Amish til they are then sold for slaughter at the Manheim auctions. poor bastard, i pray your spirit has gone to a better place.

  • Barbara Tagrin

    Where was the posting telling the world how sorry the Amish family was for this incident? Oh yeah – probably because they have not said they are sorry. After all the family was just an annoying "English" family.

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