Ground broken for Habitat home

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A York County family is finally getting a home of their home, thanks to Habitat for Humanity and the generosity of an entire town.
Groundbreaking was held on Saturday in Jacobus for the home that will be owned by Laurie Hanline and her family. Hanline has struggled to get to this point; months back, Habitat’s plan to build the home in
York-New Salem was squashed by neighbors who were worried their property values would decline.
“I believe everything happened the way it was supposed to happen and to kind of go through the roller coaster of finding a place and then losing a place and finding another place, it really just made me that much more grateful of how it’s working out,” said Laurie Hanline, the future owner of the home.
Construction on the home will begin during ‘Blitz Week,’ October 8-12, and will continue through March 2014.
The home will be handicap accessible to accommodate Laurie’s teenage son who is disabled.
Approximately 300 volunteers will be needed to complete the project, along with an additional 50,000 dollars in monetary and material donations.
For information on how you can help, log on to this website:

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  • ejljr

    York New Salem – anti American dream! What a stupid reason for not wanting the home to built there! I highly doubt that this new home would lower nearby property value! What I really think is, the people of York New Salem doesn't want a disabled person living in their area. Shame on York New Salem for discriminating. You should be sued. Kudos to the citizens of Jacobus! Seems there are some caring people after all!

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