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Lancaster County student diagnosed with TB; Letter sent to parents

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A Lancaster County student has been diagnosed with Tuberculosis.

Wheatland Middle School principal, Jay Butterfield, sent out a letter to parents saying the PA Department of Health has been notified of the case.  TB spreads through the air when an infected person coughs, speaks or sneezes.  But it’s not transferred by kissing or sharing food or drinks.  The Department of Health has the responsibility to identify those who have been exposed to TB.

Dept. of Health Physician General, Dr. Carrie DeLone says TB can be fatal but is treated with antibiotics.

“The treatment is prolonged, you need to take a specific regimen, if it’s not adhered to very closely, TB can come back.  You can get a drug resistant TB, if it’s not done int he way it need to be done,” says DeLone.

Symptoms include prolonged cough, weight loss and night sweats.

Administrators at Wheatland Middle School have declined to speak on the matter.  The school district says they’re working with the Dept. of Health to identify students and staff who may have been exposed to it.