New survey shows differing opinions on “what’s healthy”

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The phrase “being healthy” can mean different things to different people — and according to the new “What’s Your Healthy” study, when you were born could have a substantial impact on your definition of healthy.

For example, almost twice as many Baby Boomers (ages 49-64) define being healthy as getting recommended screenings or checkups, compared to both those living in Generation X (ages 37-48) and Millennials (ages 25-36). A much higher percentage of Millennials define being healthy as having good eating habits and regular physical activity, compared with the older generations.

Registered dietician and nutritionist Keri Gans talks more about the survey, and offers healthy tips for people of all ages.


  • uhavnoclu

    The healthiest tip you can do is STOP listening and leaning on others to tell you what is best for you.What they tell you is only a fear factor to get you to do what is best for THEM.
    Go by what you feel.Many have smoked for years and have lived to be over 100 years.Many have eaten junk food for years…Yours trly …and are very healthy.
    Listen to others you are only living their ways and giving up your ways….weak…fear…Jesus even told you that but you followers ha ha ha …are blind to his message.

    • MyTakeOnIt

      ha ha ha, that junk food will catch up to you eventually. you can't see it. You can't feel it now, but you'll get yours later on down the road. It's your life. Your choices. No one should feel bad for you later.

  • MyTakeOnIt

    Under 25: Doing whatever you can to avoid the hangover the next morning. Cleansing the THC out before the drug test. Getting more than 3 hours of sleep and 3 hours of video games in. Being able to text 1000 messages in one week (means you are alert). Their eyes are top notch healthy if they can spot the cop and slow down before getting pulled over for DUI. Not ODing on Molly.

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