Syrian Pastor and F&M Professor weigh in on Syria Crisis

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As the possibility of a military strike on Syria seems less likely, local people who have closer insight on the situation weigh in on what they think should happen.

FOX43 sat down with a Syrian pastor who knows firsthand what the country is experiencing.

Every one we spoke with this evening doesn’t want the US to strike Syria.

They believe it’s the wrong decision and say it would result in more innocent people losing their lives.

Pastor Joseph Muossa hears the heartbreaking stories of torture and death in his homeland everyday.

“They leave the house, many of them don’t know if they’re going to come back home,” says Pastor Muossa.

But even worse, it’s people he knows.

“The rebel sniper shot him, killed him with cold blood took the keys and occupied his home in — The city of — where I was for 8 years, most of the Christians in that city, they had to flee for the villages, most of their homes have been destroyed,” says Muossa.

Muossa believes if the U.S. were to strike Syria, it would show that President Obama doesn’t have the heart for the kids of Syria.

He says it would result in the loss of more people.

Franklin and Marshall Professor, Jennifer Kibbe, doesn’t want the U.S. to use military action either.

“It is still possible but not until, certainly not until all these diplomatic negotiations play themselves out,” says Kibbe.

Professors addressed students and others who just showed up to learn about the situation in Syria.

Professor Kibbe says over the next few weeks people can expect a lot of diplomatic maneuvering behind closed doors.

“Everybody’s hoping that they’ll be able to have some kind of UN resolution to get Syria to give up its chemical weapons,” says Kibbe.

As for Pastor Muossa, he says he has family in Syria that are actively trying to escape but don’t know how to without risking their lives.