Early mornings at the York Fair for cattle farmers

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Before you enter the gates at America’s Oldest Fair, farmers are rising early to prepare for a full day of showing off their animals.

For Sandy Sweitzer, of York County, rising early is a way of life.

“I’ve been doing this ever since I was 8 years old,” says Sweitzer.  She raises beef cattle and pigs and Cedar Hill Farms, in Wellsville.

Sweitzer says, “Farming’s more than a job, it’s a lifestyle. ”

A lifestyle with little time for rest.

“You’re up in the morning, and never know when you’re doing to go to bed that night.  Try to get as much done in a day that you can,” says Sweitzer.

For her family, sometimes dinner doesn’t come until nine at night.  But Sweitzer says her job is a joy when she shares it with her three children.

Daughter, Haley says, “It’s always been a family thing, and it’s one of the fun things that we love to do.”

“A humbling experience to be bale to have your kids be a able to follow in your footsteps,” says Sweitzer.

The Sweitzers say they work hard to keep you satisfied.

“Without farmers, where would you get your food supply?” asks Sweitzer.

Haley adds, “I’ve always seen it as one of the important things to do for food and everybody needs it.”