Train collides with tractor trailer in Cumberland Co.

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Crews have been working at the scene of an trail derailment and tractor trailer crash in Monroe Township, Cumberland County since 2 PM on Thursday.

The collision caused the closure of a road which may have a major effect on the Friday morning commute.

The t-bone collision could have been worse.

No hazardous chemicals or fuels leaked from the train or the tractor trailer and luckily nobody was seriously injured.

But the wreck certainly created quite a scene, especially for those who saw it as it happened.

“I unfortunately had a perfect view,” said Deborah Ealer.

Deborah Ealer was driving northbound on Route 74 (York Road) — the opposite direction of the tractor trailer.

She took pictures right after she saw the train collide with the truck.

“There was concrete flying everywhere, I have never seen anything like that before,” says Ealer.

The impact caused 10 to 15 rail cars to derail.

There’s extensive damage on the front of the train engine because the tractor trailer was carrying a large concrete slab.

“The safety of the individuals in the county and the area remain in tact because there are no leaks, the main concern at this particular time is the traffic,” says Lt. Adam R. Kosheba, from the Pennsylvania State Police.

Traffic is what’s causing the biggest headache.

A portion of Route 74 — which extends about a mile — is closed between Williams Grove Road and Park Place.

It will stay that way until crews can reconstruct the crash to investigate and then conduct a cleanup.

“We anticipate the roads in the area being significantly impacted for quite sometime,” says Lt. Kosheba.

As of 10:30 on Thursday night, the cleanup is still active.

If York Road doesn’t open before morning, school buses will take an alternate route.