York Co. man finds $1,000 dollars in paper bag

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What would you do if you found one thousand dollars in cold, hard, cash?

Would you return it?

Well that’s what one York County man did earlier this week.

He found a big bag of money while on his cleaning shift at the York Fair.

And it’s not his luck, but his good heart that’s getting all the attention now.

But Roy McMillan says he just did what any ordinary person would do.

McMillan takes a week vacation from his job at the hospital every year to sweep the floors at the York Fair.

Tuesday night was just like every other until he came across a very expensive paper bag that was sitting on a concession stand counter top.

“I see this white bag, I go to pick the bag to see the pretzels and I saw money,” says McMillan as he laughs.

McMillan says he didn’t even think twice about keeping it for himself.

He turned the bag into his supervisor and he thought that was the end of it.

“To me that was it, no big deal or nothing.”

Meanwhile, Ben Martin, who owns the pretzel stand, was freaking out and retracing his steps back to where he last had the money.

“When I got back here it was gone already and I was really nervous because it was a whole day’s worth of work,” says Ben Martin.

When Martin got the bag back, he was shocked that was not a penny was missing.

“I was just like surprised that nobody had taken like anything,” says Martin.

Martin, as well as countless others say the York Fair is actually the lucky one, especially to have an employee with such a big heart.

“Definitely like glad that they have people like that working here,” says Martin.

As for a reward, McMillan says he doesn’t deserve any money.

So for the next night, the pretzel stand left him a heaping pile of pretzels.


  • uhavnoclu

    If you do what everyone eklse does or will do then that means you cannot do what you want or will do.You live your live by others ways ,you have no life or spirit of your own to grow.Jesus does not like that.read the book he didn't want people to go by society's ways..boy oh boy…make sure y'all pack the shorts on your move …Make sure you press the down button.

  • MyTakeOnIt

    What doesn't appear clear in this story is if there is usually a bag present for the cleaning crew and that this time, it was a bag of money instead of a bag of trash.

    Technically, had the man kept the money and not notified his supervisor, it would have been considered theft since it was removed from the business and not found randomly in, say, a trash can.

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