Hispanic Heritage Month

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Governor Tom Corbet and First Lady, Susan attended a gathering to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month in Harrisburg.

Hispanic and Latino Americans coming together on the capital steps to recognize the contributions and importance of Hispanic Americans in the United States. The governor addressed the community after a special mass to celebrate Hispanic heritage.

“Here today, to speak of you and the people’s before you and the American Dream and how every group, every ethnic persuasion and comes to this country and PA with their culture makes us a more complete group” says, Governor Tom Corbet

Following Corbett’s speech an Aztec Folkloric dance group performed. National Heritage Month runs today through October 15.

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  • uhavnoclu

    75% of hispanics are here illegally.so the gov is promoting illegal immigration??????????????????????
    So there is a foreign language people who are too lazy and inconsiderate to learn english and biggest promotors of drug activity in this country and a black history month like a black history museum which I understand is a scam in Gettysburg….Where is the White history roots month?,you refuse to honor whites or redskins.yes that is what they where called back then not native americans you wussy politically correct communists.
    What you do is discrimination pure and simple.

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