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Learn more about eating disorders

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It seems like everyone is on a diet these days.

But there’s a hidden risk that is not getting as much attention: eating disorders.

Author, Rebecca Cooper, stopped by the FOX43 morning show to talk to us about who may be most at risk and how you can be proactive about your health.

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  • uhavnoclu

    The only eating dis-order is listening to others telling you what is good for YOUR body by telling to eat what THEY like and want you to eat.
    Eat what you want food does NOT harm you..Sugar===ENERGY…we have become a lazy country which is why we have all these energy drinks…sugar gives you energy….Political correctness gives you COMMUNISM.
    Follow your heart and desires to achieve what YOU want these experts???? are only experts for themselves and never lean or depend on others to control your life.THAT IS WHAT JESUS MESSAGE WAS.GO AGAINST SOCIETIES WAYS NEVER GO WITH THE FLOW AND GO BY YOUR HEART AND YOU WILL ACHIEVE HEAVEN FOR HEAVEN IS NOT A PLACE.

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