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York house fire destroys three homes on N. Pershing

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A house fire in York damages three homes and displaces one family.

Firefighters raced to the scene of a two alarm fire on North Pershing Avenue just after 6 o’clock this evening.

The middle home — 514 is where it all started.

But the homeowner tells FOX43, there was nothing inside her home that could’ve started the fire.

“Everything I just lost (crying) the memories…” says homeowner, Ryanne Ness.

Ryanne Ness owns the home at 514 N. Pershing, she doesn’t have insurance.

She currently lives two blocks away, but this is where most of her things are, or were.

She says nothing in the home could’ve caused the fire.

“No electric, no water, no gas connected to it, why is it burning,” says Ness.

She says her home has been broken into countless times before.

Her friends saw a man with two dogs running away from the scene shortly after the fire broke out.

“Speechless, speechless, they know what they did,” says Ness.

But the York City Fire Chief says he doesn’t know what caused the fire.

“It’s hard to say right now until we get in and take a good look, we did have some pretty extensive fire damage,” says York City Fire Chief, David Michaels.

No one got hurt, but these three homes and most if not all of the contents inside, are gone.