Cyber-bullying Presentations at York County School of Technology

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Juniors and Seniors at York County School of Technology are learning the negative consequences of cyber-bullying.  The tech school hosted a cyber-bullying presentation Monday in hopes of combating the growing problem of bullying on social networks.  Speakers focused on three aspects to bullying behind the computer screen, including the fact that posts are never completely erased, making students mindful about what they are posting about fellow classmates, and how bullying can have a negative affect on their future.

Sarah Kovelski, York Tech’s counselor says, “To be mindful that what you do today definitely affects your future and you need to really be aware of that.  It could mean you not getting a job, it could mean you not getting a scholarship, or into a college.  Students because they are young are not always thinking about their future”.

According to national numbers, about 33 percent of teenagers have been cycberbullied and close to 250 students at YCST will be a victim of cyber-bullying within the next year.