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First in line for the iPhone 5S goes for the gold

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The new iPhone 5s and 5c are up for grabs!  Hundreds of folks flocked to the Park City Center, in Lancaster, in the wee hours of the morning.  It was a chance to be the first to get a hold of the new device.

With nothing more than blankets to keep warm and chairs for comfort, these iPhone enthusiasts line up for the newest shiny Apple product.

Wayne Gross says, “It’s really fun and I wanted to be here and I heard the gold was limited supply, so I definitely wanted to get that.”

Gross is first in line.  He arrived at 6:30 Thursday evening.  So he’s hopeful he can walk away with the gold prize at the Apple Store because he says the store has the best inventory.

“It’s a gold Apple product and who doesn’t want a gold Apple product?” says Gross.

In the line, we catch up with a former App creator and self-proclaimed tech guru, Dale Lefever.

Lefever says, “I have a lot of different computer systems and a lot are Apple, so it works real well and it keep me in the Apple ecosystem.”

A 7 AM, it’s time to head inside the mall, where the wait continues in front of the Apple Store.  At 8 AM, the future iPhone 5S customers are let inside.

“I love it, I got the space gray, 32 gigabyte from Verizon,” says Gross.

Although our first in line customer didn’t walk away with the gold, it’s clear he still feels like a winner.

“It’s cool, well worth the 14 hours,” says Gross.