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Susquehanna Twp. High School assistant principal accused of having sex with a student

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An arrest warrant has been issued for the Assistant Prinicpal at Susquehanna Township High School
The Dauphin County District Attorney’s office has filed charges against Shawn Sharkey.
He’s accused of having sex with a student.
Police say Sharkey, who lives in Montgomery County, would rent hotel rooms in the area and meet with a female student.

“Mr. Sharkey was placed on administrative leave with pay on Wednesday pending the completion of a criminal investigation,” said Superintendent Susan Kegerise said. “It is our belief that this did not occur at school or on school property, nor during the school day.”

Paul Blunt, district solicitor, has indicated that he is issuing a termination letter on behalf of the school district and an educator misconduct form will be filed with the state Department of Education.



  • tony454tiger

    One thing I don't understand. He was put on admin leave WITH pay? Wait a minute. Doesn't our property taxes pay this man? If so I don't feel we the people should be paying this man for having sex with the students but having to pay for motel rooms too? Yes a point could be made about being innocent until proven guilty but I say he should lose all pay and benefits then if innocent he could be paid retroactively. This is public money we are talking here.
    This makes a stronger argument to eliminate property "school" tax. Especially for people like me who doesn't have kids or kids in school. Period.

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