Men making bomb threat claim to be part of Al-Queda; part of scam

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It’s a scam the retail community is becoming quite familiar with. On Friday September 20, the Walgreens in Dover Township became the latest target.

The Northern York County Regional Police Department responded to an active bomb threat at the Walgreens in the 3100 block of Carlisle Road in Dover Township.

When officers got there they found that the people making the threat were still on the phone with the business manager.  Police officers ordered an evacuation and then searched the business.

A man on the phone who had a strong middle eastern accent, advised that his group was a splinter group of Al-Qaeda and that a bomb had been planted in the business.  The caller demanded that Green Dot prepaid Visa and MasterCard debit cards be activated with a specific sum of money or he would blow up the bomb.

“The subject wanted ‘Green Dot’ cards, which are a type of prepaid Visa or Master Card activated, and wanted the numbers read to them over the phone,” said Lt. David Lash with Northern York County Regional Police. “The subject indicated that if the cards were not activated, that there was a device in the building and he was going to activate it remotely to detonate it and blow up the building.”

A NYCRPD Patrol Supervisor got on the phone with the man and identified himself.  The Supervisor then requested to speak to the caller’s supervisor.  Another man’s voice came on the line.  This man also had a heavy middle eastern accent.  The second man hung up the phone after a brief conversation with the NYCRPD Supervisor.

“It’s not that often that often that we get to speak to people who are calling in bomb threats. But we were able to garner some good intelligence as to who they may be and in terms of tracking them down,” said Lt. Lash.

The NYCRPD is currently working to trace the call.  The FBI has been briefed on the incident.

The investigation into this incident continues.  Anyone with information is asked to contact the Northern York County Regional Police Department at 717.292.3647.

In August another Walgreens was the target of this scam.

Earlier story:
Police searched a Walgreens store in York for a bomb after it was targeted by scammers. Police say the South Queen Street store got a phone call from someone who wanted pre-paid credit cards and said there was a bomb inside the store. The store was shut down while a bomb sniffing dog went through. Police say these types of calls are becoming more common, and the callers are sometimes international scammers.

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