Rally against school property taxes in Pennsylvania

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Homeowners and lawmakers calling for an elimination of school property taxes in Harrisburg today. But some people say this bill could hurt Pennsylvania students. Lawmakers and people with the Pennsylvania Taxpayers Cyber Coalition lined the capitol steps today to speak out against the school property tax in Pennsylvania.

“ The way we fund our public schools today is based on an unfair model from the 1830’s,” says Senator David Argall ( R ) , 29th District

They say they are working on House and Senate Bill 76 which is known as the Property Tax Independence Act . It would essentially eliminate all school property taxes across the commonwealth by using current sales taxes to fund schools.

“ How in the world can we protect our property if we’re only paying rent to our school districts ?,” says Senator Mike Folmer  ( R ),  48th District

But not everyone  thinks  it`s a good idea.  Mike Wood,  with the Pennsylvania Budget and Policy Center says there isn’t enough state funding for schools to begin with , and taking more money away would damage students.

“ It leaves a gap and that gap gets bigger over time and as we have a gap for funding it means fewer funding for our kids. A generation of kids that would be hurt by this,” says Wood


  • Khyron

    $2,300 a year and we're on the lower end of the scale. No one really owns their home, even after the mortgage is satisfied. In another 20+ years when (hopefully) our house is paid for, well be essentialy renting the ground from the government until we sell or die. That's wrong, just flat out wrong.

  • tony454tiger

    Considering all the news lately of school educators having sexual relations with children, one where I'll bet our property school tax money paid for the motel rooms for him to fornicate a student!?! Its seams everyday or week we read about another pedophile school teacher, principle, sports coach or employee having sex with these poor children and you know this is only situations where they got caught. Makes me wonder how many more and how much more often this takes place. So don't take my money in taxes to "make schools better" when this crap is happening. So yea, its time to stop school taxes, release all teachers and school employees and abolish the unions and I said before let them reapply for a position. After an in depth back ground check and psych exam maybe hire them back at an appropriate salary. I'm beating a dead horse and I would much rather be kicking the ass.

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