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Clouds slip in to an otherwise quiet forecast

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JUST A FEW:  The weather pattern remains unchanged for the most part to close out the week.  A frontal system to our south continues to develop today into tomorrow, but it will be held south by blocked flow aloft and surface high pressure over the next few days.  A low continues to spiral over Nova Scotia which will play a small role in the forecast too.  All that set up for this: clouds.  Yeah.  That’s about it.  Sun will be filleted at times today as high clouds slide in from the south.  We keep the on and off clouds through Thursday.  Friday, as the high clouds pull away, a chunk of energy from the low to our north may spiral south.  This will bring us clouds to start Friday, with sunshine to finish the day.  Highs the rest of this week will hold in the low to middle 70s.  Lows are near 50°.

WEEKEND:  For now, the weekend looks plenty sunny, dry, and nice with highs holding in the middle 70s.  Monday a front rolls through and may bring us some rain with clearing for mid-week.

Track is key

A low develops over the Atlantic, but a cold front holds the answers to whether or not we’ll stay sunny and dry, or damp and soggy for early next week.

Hold on though.  There’s something worth mentioning.  The models all hint at that low pressure system to our south today, exiting the U.S. near Georgia and firing up over the Atlantic into the weekend.  The blocked pattern stalls it up so it may spiral a bit and shift northward.  A front is also pegged to slide through our area Monday.  This should be enough to push this low out to sea or at worst, clip New England.  However, there’s a possibility that the front slows down and the low would be pushed into the Northeast.  This would bring clouds, rain, and messy weather anytime Sunday through Tuesday.  Bottom line: keep checking back for changes through the end of the week.  We’ll have a better hold on it.

Have a great Wednesday!  We’re half way there!

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