Fairview Township trucking warehouse proposal withdrawn

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The controversial trucking warehouse proposed for in a York County community isn’t happening anymore… at least for now.

People who live in Fairview Township learned today that developer, Goodman-Birtcher has withdrawn its application for the warehouse.

But this fight isn’t over yet.

A peek out John Wesley’s front window and you see a forest filled with trees.

But if the proposed warehouse had been approved it would have been a completely different view.

Wesley and others who live in Fairview Township say this is a small victory.

If the trucking warehouse was to be built people say their property values and resale prices would have plummeted by 40%.

He credits the Susquehanna Regional Airport for the reason why the developer withdrew plans.

At 45 feet high, the warehouse would not have met the height requirement for the airport.

Wesley says it’s nothing major because he believes the developer may resubmit plans for the 1 million-plus square-foot facility.

“Our thanks to the Susquehanna Regional Airport for really giving us at least a really upper cut shot at the developer so that we now have a really level playing field that we can go back and work on the township supervisors,” says John Wesley.

If the company plans to resubmit a proposal it has to start from scratch.

That’s something Wesley believes will not happen anytime soon.

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