PSU leaders react to NCAA decision to loosen penalties

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We’re hearing from many people in the Penn State community who are relieved and the proudest they’ve been in the two years of scandal.

Penn State head football coach, Bill O’Brien says “It’s a fanastic conference, and it’s good to be getting back to a place where we’ll be on an even plaing field with the scholarship numbers.”

O’Brien won’t address specifics on how he plans to attack the new scholarship limits because he says he hasn’t had enough time to digest the news.

Governor Corbett says the news shows the NCAA is reacting to the important changes the University has undertaken.

But Penn State Trustee, Anthony Lubrano, says he’s a little disappointed because the decision is not enough.

Lubrano says, “I think for many of the Penn State community, the NCAA needs to go further.  They need to announce to the world that they overstepped their authoirty.  When they imposed their sanctions, it was clearly a criminal matter.”

Lubrano says he supports the ability for students to be a part of a school it once was.

“I’m pleased for the student athletes.  Pleased that other young men will get a world class education at a world class institution,” says Lubrano.

In addition, Lubrano filed a lawsuit along with the Paterno family, seeking to have the NCAA’s Sandusky related sanctions lifted.  He’s expected back in court in late October.