Students at PSU York Campus say NCAA decision is step in right direction

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Penn State Freshmen at York’s campus feel a stronger sense of Nittany Lion spirit in light of the NCAA’s decision to reduce penalties against the University.

Freshman, John Frederick, Jr. says, “It’s definitely a pride booster, that they’re allowed to do that now, makes it better.”

Frederick, of Dallastown, says the sanction rollback is reassuring.

“Allowing them to increase their scholarships is a good thing for not only students, but also for the community in general because that means more kids that might not have the opportunity to go to college, can now go to college because they can receive a football scholarship.”

Freshman, Jason Schott, says “The NCAA realizes it did wrong.  I feel like they’re trying to recoup with what they did and make it right again.”

In addition to scholarship, Penn State York basketball player, Zach Harlem, says the athletic department’s $60 million fine should also be lifted.

In a press release, the NCAA says the team’s bowl ban could be reduced depending on the college’s continued progress.