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21 couples work to end same-sex marriage ban in PA

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21 same-sex couples want to  over-turn the state’s ban on same-sex marriage. They filed a lawsuit in Commonwealth Court yesterday. These are some of the same couples that a Montgomery County clerk issued marriage licenses to in the past few months.

This lawsuit comes after another lawsuit that was filed two months ago in Commonwealth Court by the ACLU. In that case, the judge ordered that the  Montgomery County clerk to giving marriage licenses to same sex-couples. However, the judge did not rule on whether those licenses were legal. That’s what the 21 couples listed in the lawsuit  are asking a judge to do by overturning the state’s same-sex marriage ban.

FOX43  spoke with one couple who  was involved with the first lawsuit. They say they backed out of this one because they believe their license is valid, and there’s no need to go any further. But, they do have some concerns.

“  I`m a little worried that at the end of this case if the judge determines they’re not valid someone’s going to get those names and go through the list and take away  those marriage certificates, “ says Bolton Winpenny

A lawyer for the 21 couples in the lawsuit says their main argument is that the same-sex marriage ban violates both the U.S. and State constitution. In the lawsuit, these couples name the Governor as a defendant. A spokesperson with the Governor’s office says they haven’t been served with the lawsuit yet and until they are they can’t comment.

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  • Bolton Winpenny

    Thank you Ashley Palutis for a very good article. You clipped through my sputtering and got to the heart of the matter.

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