Pregnant woman sparks controversy over this picture

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A pregnant California mom is sparking some controversy after posting pictures of herself, 8 months pregnant, lifting heavy weights.

35 year-old Lea-Ann Ellison posted these pictures to Facebook last week, and while some women applauded her for keeping in shape during pregnancy, others did not. Many questioned her decision to continue her cross-fit workout regimen at the end of her pregnancy. Doctors often tell patients not to lift heavy items while pregnant.

She says though, her doctors told her it was okay. The mother of two has been doing cross-fit training for two years, and doctors say her body is used to it.

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  • lnowicki

    Not only is her doctor a quack and has NO CLUE what he's talking about, but you NEVER EVER and I mean NEVER lift heavy weights while pregnant. Risks of lifting heavy weights include hernias (which can complicate delivery), pre-mature birth due to too much pressure on her stomach causing her water to break too early, blown out knees (never good while carrying extra weight or being pregnant), and throwing out ones back, slipped discs, etc. IS THIS WOMAN CRAZY?! No WAY would I ever put myself or my child in danger like that!! That's just common sense!! I don't give a CRAP what her or her doctor THINKS she can handle!!

  • Thomas Tucker

    Is she crazy? possibly……. but the fact remains nothing bad happened to her…..There's so much "medical science" that says stuff can go wrong .

    They say that C-sections are dangerous but it's ACCEPTED regardless just because it's easier for the doctor and because there are some cases where it's a safer option.

    Point being society leads us to believe a lot of stuff is unhealthy when in fact they lack significant data to back up the hypothosis. And we choose to go for the safe fact.

    the fact remains thou that there's a lot of stuff we dont understand in this world. Just like when people make big deals about how a food ingredient is found in jet fuel. Who cares that doesn't make the ingredient unsafe by itself.

  • Thomas Tucker

    ….and to add on doctors perhaps only say "moderate" exercise because most mothers are lazy before pregnancy and that's more than their bodies are use to. It makes sense not to go pre-pregnancy siting on the couch all day to all of a sudden going to the gym.

    this case however her body is already accustom to these types of workouts. So by her definition this is a moderate workout……. But no on considers this when they want to quote textbooks. A lot of times inventors come up with "new things and market it with out looking up the history of the product to see if it's been tried(and failed) before. Society is lacking when it comes to research.

    • Edik415

      You might consider doing some "research" into how to complete a coherent thought. I have no idea what you're trying to say.

  • Nicole

    As long as she not trying to lift more than she is accustomed to its fine. Heris used to it. I was a bakery and lifted 50# bags every day up until my due date. I was doing that for years so it was nothing new my body wasn’t used to. Pregnancy and recovery went great!! People these days tend to all of a sudden go into handicap mode and want pity when they find out they are pregnant. Just keep up your normal routine. Unless complication would arise. Just don’t start doing anything new. So if you were a lazy bumb before. Stay that way. She’s fine. Good for her!

  • Monica

    Doctors encourage you to maintain the level of activity you are used to. I continued dancing until it made me physically uncomfortable throughout all 3 of my pregnancies. This included, rolling around on the floor, leaping, doing inversions, I felt great.
    Most people aren't as active as this woman so they do less activity while pregnant, she is just maintaining what her body is used to, if she were to just suddenly stop her pregnancy would be a lot more difficult because her body would stress from the sudden stop in activity.
    Plus I think a lot of woman use pregnancy as an excuse to be lazy and eat food all day, then they wonder why they gain 80 lbs and can't loose it.

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