Two charged in string of home burglaries

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Two suspects face charges in a string of home  burglaries that netted $152,684 in stolen jewelry and other valuables.  Manheim Borough Police say that Chad Anthony Eberly 27 and Kristen Lynn Lumley, 29, both of Mt. Joy, targeted their victims after doing landscaping or other odd jobs at their homes. Once they became familiar with the residents and their patterns of behavior they committed the burglaries when the victims were away.

The couple were identified after pawning large amounts of jewelry.  The jewelry matched some of the items stolen in the burglaries. Jewelry was also identified by the victims.   Police believe the couple are responsible at least 8 home burglaries in September.

After their arrest, they confessed to their roles in the burglaries.  They admitted having a drug problem and needed money for their addiction.  Police say anyone who used the couple to do work around their home should take inventory of their valuables.

Anyone having more in the case is asked to contact Detective Jeffrey Kiesel at (717) 665-2481.