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Government shutdown impacts federally funded historic sites in Gettysburg

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Tourists from around the world visit Gettysburg every day.  But under a Government shutdown, some of the historic sites will be closed off.

Jack Fannin is retired from the Airforce.  He and his wife Betty are visiting Gettysburg from Colorado Springs.

Jack says, “Gettysburg’s one of the major battles of the Civil War so that’s one of the reasons we’re interested in seeing why and how it occurred.”

It would be the last chance for the Fannins to experience the National Military Park in its entirety before a Government shutdown.

Jack says, “It’s upsetting that Congress doesn’t seem to be able to do anything.  They have a job to do and they’re not doing it.”

According to a spokesperson with the National Park, a shutdown would close the Eisenhower National Historic Site and battlefield tours.  A majority of the main roads throughout the battlefields would be closed.

In Lincoln square, the David Wills House would shut down.  In total, 78 employees would be furloughed, including rangers and tour guides.

But Convention and Visitors Bureau spokesman, Carl Whitehill says don’t throw away your reservations yet.

Whitehill says, “We always tell people the battle happened outside of the National Park too.  It happened in the streets, everywhere.  There’s still going to be so many things open for visitors to do.”

For more information, contact the National Military Park.