Lawmakers say medicinal marijuana is not a priority

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Should Pennsylvania legalize medicinal marijuana?

It’s a controversial issue that has bills in both the house and senate but despite the recent push, lawmakers on both sides say these bills won’t become laws anytime soon.

Parents who are watching their children have hundreds of seizures a day say legalizing a liquid form of the drug is their number one priority.

“How many parents of children like these may have to bury their children because they can’t get a medicine that they desperately need?” says Dana Ulrich, a mother from Lancaster.

Dana Ulrich watches her daughter, Lorelei suffer from seizures daily.

Monday night she spoke to Senator John Eichelberger who opposes legalizing medicinal marijuana.

“Please, I beg you to look into my child’s face, into these childrens faces and say there is a medication that can help you but you can not have it,” says Ulrich.

“I have a lot of sympathy for you but I don’t see this would change the institution of the senate or the house,” says Sen. Eichelberger.

Senator Eichelberger says it would be bad public policy to legalize marijuana in Pennsylvania.

Besides that fact, he says there’s no appetite for the law in the legislature.

“We’re not going to pass any legislation in the near future..and I mean for years,” says Sen. Eichelberger.

And that’s something Representative Mark Cohen agrees on.

He says people may want to consider going to other states where it’s legal

“I think that’s certainly an option that people have to consider, other states are more responsive,” says Rep. Cohen.

But Dana Ulrich can’t afford that.

It’s why she and about a hundred others showed up to a forum in Harrisburg Monday night.

“It’s a relief that 96% of doctors, doctors, medical doctors, support,” says a supporter.

Dauphin County Coroner, Graham Hetrick calls himself a conservative individual.

But he’s for legalizing medicinal use, especially if it would save lives.

“By golly if I was a parent, I’d break the law,” says Coroner, Graham Hetrick.

The two bills in the Senate and House call for legalization of a liquid form of marijuana.

If passed those who would use it would not smoke the drug.

The chemical CBD would be extracted so that the drug would not include the hallucinogenic portion, THC.


  • Raul DJ

    So as far as they are concerned my health is not a priority!? My meds are toxic and make me sick, medical marijuana is a natural alternative to these toxic meds. There should be a legal way for us to obtain this medication through the state.

  • BrianKelly

    When a loved one is wasting away unable to eat due to Chemotherapy, AIDS Wasting Syndrome, or Multiple Sclerosis, and needs this marvelous herb in order to increase their appetite, reduce the overwhelming pain, and live as as healthy and happily as they can with the time they have left, let's have the compassion to allow them to have it.

    Stop treating Medical Marijuana Patients like second rate citizens and common criminals by forcing them to the dangerous black market for their medicine.

    Risking incarceration to obtain the medicine you need is no way to be forced to live.

    Support Medical Marijuana Now!

  • Midget_Farmers

    Our elected officials could give a rats ass about what we the people want. While the vast majority of people would like MMJ in this state we are being held hostage by stooges who have been bought and paid for by private prisons, big pharma and big oil. The sad thing is we all know it and refuse to do anything about it. You can bet your sweet ass if Sen. Eichelberger. child was suffering he would be singing a different tune… or taking his child to a state where it is legal….. please people support and vote for John Hanger… save our state from these psychopaths

  • PreBigBanger

    To anyone who thinks it does NO GOOD to educate the right wing about Medical Marijuana: Pennsylvania 2013-10-21 (This should be forwarded.)

    Ok, I had to pick my jaw up off the ground this morning, when I received an email reply from my father, AN EXTREME RIGHT WINGER, (politically, my apple fell VERY far from his tree.)

    I had sent him the CNN Dr. Sanjay Gupta special on WEED, along with the video of you, Dana and you daughter, Lorelei being told by Senator John Eichelberger that nothing will change regarding medical marijuana laws in Pennsylvania, and that you would need to leave PA to help save your daughter from seizures,

    Here is my Right Wing Father's response after seeing these two videos from CNN and FOX:

    "Just watched both films. I would support the use of the drug without the THC. I'll send this to my State Senator Gene Yaw & Representative Garth Everett. I'm not sure which one could do anything about it, but I'll try. I think it's worth it.

    I think that Eichelberger's comments had a hard nosed attitude. It would probably be different if one of his kids, or grandkids was affected.


    If we can get MY father's support, we can get anyone's support for Medical Marijuana. Now is the time to EDUCATE the conservatives, change the law, and change the world for kids like Lorelei, Charlotte Figi, and millions of people with a host of ailments across Pennsylvania and the USA. This can not wait until 2015, 2014 or even next week. These people need help TODAY!

    Remember to tell every Pennsylvanian to register as a Democrat before May and vote in MAY for John Hanger in the primaries, because he is the only one with a clear agenda to make this medicine available despite the corrupt politics that would rather deny your daughter a happy, healthy life. (subscribe to be notified when and where to vote.)

    Register to Vote HERE: (you currently do NOT need an ID to vote, despite what they tell you.)

    Please forward this to someone YOU thought would NEVER listen.

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