Truck crashes into Lancaster home, suspects run away

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Police in Lancaster County are looking for two theft suspects, who crashed a truck into a house in Lancaster city Sunday night.

It happened at 10:09 p.m. on the 100 block of N. Ann Street.

No one was hurt, but the homeowners are now left with significant damage to their property.

“I heard this crash and I knew it was bricks,” said Jody Davis, who owns the home with her husband, Don. “I knew it was my house and my house shook. And I just had this lump in my stomach, and I felt fear because I didn’t know where my husband was.”

A large radiator positioned along the front wall of the house  not only protected the house from more damage, but also Don, who was standing in the living room.

“Out of all of this, I’m just so glad no one got hurt and that everyone’s okay,” said Rhiannon Giberson,¬† the Davis’ next-door neighbor. “A house can be fixed, but people, it’s a little more difficult.”

Lt. Robin Weaver of the East Lampeter Township Police Department said the men who were in the truck are suspected of stealing two 50 inch TVs from the Walmart on Lincoln Highway earlier that night.

One of the televisions was still in the cab of the truck, the other flew out onto the roadway as the suspects sped away from the store. After crashing the truck into the Davis’ house, the men ran off.

“They’ve been working really hard on their house and it’s just so sad to see that happen,” Giberson said. “And over a stolen TV. It’s ridiculous.”

Investigators are working to identify the two men involved, including reviewing surveillance video from the Walmart.

Despite reports from witnesses, Lancaster City, East Lampeter Township and State Police will not say if officers were chasing the truck before it crashed.


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