Government shutdown impacts local families

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The federal government is just hours away from entering day two of the shutdown.

Meaning thousands of federal employees across the nation are on another day without pay.

Here in Central Pennsylvania, people who work for the military are feeling the impact.

Former Marine, Bill Mullis says he’s taking this one day at a time.

He says in his 38 year tenure working for the federal government, this is the most frustrated he’s ever been.

For the past 6 1/2 years, Mullis has tested military equipment at the Aberdeen Proving Ground from 7 in the morning to 3 in the afternoon.

But today he didn’t go to work because he was furloughed.

“Got a notice yesterday, an email from our commander that stated, unless we got a text, an email, or a phone call, to plan on taking today off,” says Mullis.

This isn’t something new for Mullis.

Aberdeen furloughed Mullis for 6 days this past summer.

He says the uncertainty of whether he’ll receive a paycheck has gotten worse over the past two years.

“The things that they’re arguing about, they’re going to argue about again whether they pass the budget or not just reach across the aisle, shake hands, get it done, get us back to work so we can do what we do best,” says Mullis.

Mullis says 99% of the 1800 people he works with were furloughed today.

But his biggest worry isn’t himself.

“Kids just out of college, new homes, a new life, looking forward to a rewarding career and I don’t see them seeing the federal government as a viable career,” says Mullis.

His benefits remain intact, but his 401k will take a hit.

A big one if the government can’t pass a budget soon.

Mullis says he’s thinking he’ll be off work until next Monday.

He says the positive part of all this is he gets to spend more time with his wife, but he wants to be back at work making money.

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