Judge convicts man of murder and then officiates his wedding

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After handing down a murder conviction, a judge oversees the killer’s wedding. Two weeks ago, Judge  Patricia Cookson sentenced Danne Desbrow to 53 years to life for first degree murder. It was what happened after the conviction that has people talking.  Judge Cookson married Desbrow and his fiancé !  His hands were un-cuffed, allowing them to hold hands.  After the wedding, the couple was allowed to kiss. Then came another stunner from the judge.  She made the couple a cake!  The victim’s sister learned of the wedding and this is what she had to say about it:

“I just don’t know why a judge would do that, I’m lost for words,” says  April Santos, the victim’s sister”

This is our morning show topic of the day. We want to know what you think  of the judge’s decision.


  • Ben Stanton

    The judge should not show a personal connection with someone she just convicted and sentenced. She should let the prison officials worry about whether or not he will cause problems in jail.

  • Hazel

    This Judge should be FORCED to either run for President or Congress. This NUT
    would fit right in with them. And she didn't need to bake a cake. She is a total Fruit
    Cake herself.

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