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Rep. Scott Perry asks to have pay withheld during shutdown

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Representative Scott Perry withhold pay

Representative Scott Perry (R-PA) announced on his Facebook page he will have his pay withheld until the government shutdown ends. Up to 800,000 federal workers will forgo paychecks until the current impasse is resolved.

The House and Senate refuse to budge from their positions on budget and health care reform. President Obama met with congressional leadership Wednesday to no avail. House Speaker John Boehner said Obama refused to negotiate. House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi and Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid accuse Republicans holding the budget hostage over their opposition of the Affordable Care Act.

Democrats rejected the token concessions Republicans offered Wednesday.

The last time the federal government shutdown was 1996. According to Rueters, that episode cost taxpayers $1.4 billion.

Representative Scott Perry’s (R-PA) statement on the Federal Government Shutdown: