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Tsarnaev’s attorney says prison conditions are “too harsh” for bombing suspect

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By, Deborah Feyerick and Rande Laboni (CNN)

Lawyers for Boston Marathon bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev accused the government of imposing unduly harsh restrictions on their client in a motion filed Wednesday.

Tsarnaev is “in near total isolation,” is banned from praying with other inmates and is allowed out of his cell only to meet with lawyers or spend short periods in an outdoor enclosure, court documents said.

Massachusetts U.S. Attorney Carmen Ortiz asked the attorney general for these special administrative measures after Tsarnaev had been in prison for four months.

Ortiz said the restrictions are necessary as part of what prosecutors call Tsarnaev’s “continued desire to incite others to engage in violent jihad,” according to the August memorandum included in the court filing.

As evidence, prosecutors cite the 1,000 “unsolicited” letters the 19-year-old Chechnya-born American has received during his five-month incarceration. His lawyers say he has not responded to any of them.

Tsarnaev has been at the Fort Devens prison facility an hour outside Boston after a brief hospitalization for wounds incurred during his capture on April 19. Dzhokhar Tsarnaev and his brother, Tamerlan, spent days on a highly publicized run after the marathon bombing on April 15.

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  • beverly

    i would agree if you could assure me this would happen. what they are trying to do is keep him from turning any of the other inmates into terrorist. i can respect that for sure. if he wants people to talk to maybe they could put him in a room with his victims and their families.

  • guest

    He's a terrorist… wtf did he expect a vacation at the Hilton????? Even being in the outside yard is too good for him he should be locked in a hole and forgotten about. Or put on a deserted island somewhere so we don't have to pay for him.

  • Hazel

    I heard when he gets out soon he's going to run for President so he can live in the white house.
    He is such a sweet kid. To many bullies in prison for him. Poor baby.

  • weimerheimer

    That is insane ……. I guess he should've thought that one out when he conjured up the heinous crime he did against innocent people….. that was a bit HARSH now wasn't it?

    I pitty the poor public offender(s) that have to represent this idiot. I mean … how could you sleep at night defending this idiot?

  • Nick W

    Devens is not even a prison, it is a federal prison HOSPITAL. One of less than a half dozen across the country. It’s where mobsters with cancer and inmates with HIV/AIDS go to serve their sentences. It’s probably more cozy than any Med-security fed prison let alone a Max.

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