Bench clearing brawl at local high school football game

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A local high school football game got a bit out of hand on Friday night.
The game between Steel High and Susquenita was suspended after a brawl that cleared the benches.
It happened late in the second quarter, after an on-field altercation during a punt return.
FOX43 is told multiple players from both teams were ejected and play was eventually suspended as tempers flared. The Steel High Rollers were leading the game 25-0.
Officials will review game film and the Mid-Penn Board of Directors will eventually decide whether any disciplinary action will be taken.


  • CEY

    Where in world is professionalism of coaching staff? If happening while representing their school, people better watch behind them while on streets

  • The Opinionated One

    I've been attending some high school foot ball games this year, and I have to say the officiating is not the best. At one game, a player was on the ground with a player from an opposing team sitting on top of him with fists raised, and an official was standing right there watching, and there was no call. Later same game, an offensive player had both knees on the ground and a defensive player yanked the football from his hands, the same official awarded the football to the defense, and last but not least, 4.4 seconds left in the 1st half, and a team was getting ready to kick a field goal, time ran out, and get this, they got a do-over. All these incidents occurred in the same game. Very bad officiating!

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