Pennsylvania Native American Festival

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Adults and children alike participated in the Pennsylvania Indians Festival at Fort Hunter Park in Harrisburg on Sunday.  The event educated participants about Native American culture and activities.  People explored 14 activities and exhibits, from a wigwam to music making with gourds and turtle shells.  Children also partook in Native American games such as atlatl and dancing.  Many scout groups attended Sunday’s event to learn new survival techniques.

Museum educator, Elizabeth Johnson says “I think it is really helpful to see the various ways that people have lived, everyone has to solve the same problem, they have to eat, they have to find food, they have to find clothing, shelter and I think it’s fascinating to see how Native Americans solved that problem.”

Cub Master for Pack 279, Michael Vener says, “These kind of skills go hand and hand with boy scouts.  It’s a wonderful opportunity for them to see and really just learn some survival craft and really appreciate where we all came from.”

There were also demonstrations about how Native Americans both gathered and grew their own food.

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