Homeowner believes nearby construction damaged home

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A Derry Township couple believes construction at a nearby Chipotle Restaurant caused damage to their home along Chocolate Avenue.

Maria Yi admits the construction has been annoying, but she said on Friday it escalated beyond an annoyance. “On Friday around 2:30 p.m. suddenly it was like an earthquake. We just sat down,” said homeowner Maria Yi.

Yi said her whole house started to shake for a long time. Then they heard a loud boom. Yi, her husband and an employee all huddled together until the shaking stopped. “We were all sitting on the floor until it was over,” said Yi.

Maria’s husband inspected the house to figure out what the loud noise was. He says he immediately noticed a large crack in their basement. After noticing the first crack Yi said she went outside and made the worker stop by standing in front of him machine. “I told him Stop, you broke my house!” said Yi.

Within the next couple days they noticed more cracks. “We found like one, two, three, four, almost a dozen cracks. We hope we don’t find any more,” said Yi.

“I know they never had a plan to hurt somebody. I’m pretty sure they did it by accident.  I want them to do the right action. That’s what I’m hoping for. That’s what I am expecting,” said Yi.

She says she is working with her insurance company to get the matter resolved. Her insurance company is expected to determine what caused the cracks and how they can be fixed.

An official for the Builder released a statement in regards to the allegations.

“Stewart and Tate operates under best practices in all areas of the construction business. While we are aware of the complaint, it is our belief that we are in full compliance with all Federal, State and Local Regulations.”

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