Required wristbands for trick-or-treaters in North York Borough

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There are some new rules this year for kids who plan on celebrating Halloween in North York Borough.

All kids are required to wear a wristband while trick-or-treating, and those who don’t live in the borough won’t be able get one.

We’re told the idea came about after last year’s Halloween “chaos”.

“Literally like a rampage of kids like everywhere, they were in the roads they were on the sidewalks I’ve never seen any amount of kids like that here,” says Breanne Sprangler, who lives in North York Borough.

That is the reason why wristbands are required by the borough this year.

“It’s the only way we can do it to distinguish one from the other,” says Richard Stark, the North York Borough Council Vice President.

That’s North York kids from everyone else.

Last year the City and West York canceled its Halloween.

So all those kids came to North York Borough to trick-or-treat.

And it caused problems for people on fixed incomes who budget for only the Borough kids.

“They saw people driving up getting out of their cars, 15 kids at a time getting out of their van and just coming to their houses and they never knew any of the kids and they wanted to be able to say no but they wanted to be able to give candy to children in the borough,” says Stark.

Some people aren’t too fond over this new requirement, because they just can’t say no.

“I don’t see the point in having someone wear a wristband to go trick or treating,” says Andrew Liberatore, a new Borough resident.

“I don’t understand how you could deny a child candy, I don’t. To say you have a wristband, you don’t, you can’t have candy, is just rude,” says Spangler.

Breanne Spangler says she plans on bringing an extra stash of treats just incase someone has the guts to turn a child away.

“Maybe we’ll carry a bag around and give it to other kids, that’s really rude of people to do. If you can’t hand it out to everyone don’t hand it out at all,” says Spangler.

Just because a child isn’t wearing a wristband doesn’t mean you can’t give them candy, it just gives people an option.

If you live in North York Borough, you’ll need to bring proof of address to the Borough office the week of Halloween from 12 to 5 in order to get your wristband.


  • Nicole

    This is ridiculous. My kids are part of Central York School district and yet we live in Springettsbury Township. If my children would ask to go trick or treating with friends or realtives rather than in our direct area I would say fine. Their school mates live in North York. I think the problem is that everyone has the event different nights and people are triple dipping. It is not ok to take your kid three nights of the week to every different town. If people hadn't been so greedy this wouldn't be an issue. My family used to all get together at my grandmas in Emigsville to go together and we lived all over York County. I am sure other families do the same thing. Way to ruin family time and seperate the community. What are we teaching the next generation.

    • Dave

      Why can't your kids trick or treat in springettsbury township? Atleast they have that option unlike York city and west York kids.

  • York county mom

    I live in York county and I don't want a bunch of children from all over York county going through my neighborhood. The children these days have created this separation with their poor judgements! There is a reason that certain areas cancel things and I think the above reason is because of crime. Thanks, but I would like to keep my neighborhood as it is.

  • bev

    if this is what it is coming to then just cancel the whole dang thing for everyone. every year my sister and i have flip flopped whose house we have gone to. one year hers in dover, the next mine in east york. one stays behind to hand out candy the other takes the kids around. the kids love it, we have fun meeting all the different people that are out. this is just stupid!

  • good for them

    Good for them. I live I’m southern York co and we get flocks on cars from md that would park anywhere and even block your driveway. Now I just don’t hand out candy anymore

  • smart

    sounds like a good idea to me.. we live in west York and our trick or treating wasn't canceled.. it was rescheduled!!!

  • Cassie Miller

    I understand people that are saying they couldn't turn a child away but the responsibility needs to be put on the parents that are taking the child there. If the parents are ignorant enough to be going to different neighborhoods being greedy and causing a scene then sorry but someone obviously needs to teach the child right from wrong so they shouldn't get candy. So once again decent people suffer thanks to the stupidity of others.

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