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Adams County veteran organizes local rally on Gettysburg monument

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On Sunday, the Million Vet March on the Memorials will take place n Washington D.C.   People will be protesting the closing of National Parks because of the Government shut down.  One local man is organizing his own march in Gettysburg.

36-year-old Joe Barnhart of Thomasville is an Iraq War Vet who served 18 years in the National Guard. He says the fact that these National Parks are closed because of the government shutdown just simply isn’t right. Barnhart says  he got the conversation going about a possible march to the Pennsylvania Monument in Gettysburg on Facebook and it took off.

“ These parks and these lands, they’re owned by the guys and gals that suit up every day in Afghanistan, “ says Barnhart

His march is now the rally point  in Pennsylvania for people who can’t make it to the march  in Washington D.C.

“I’ve gotten a lot of emails and text messages from people and veterans who say thanks for doing this in our area it means a lot to me it really does,” says Barnhart

If you’d like to participate in the march on Sunday you can meet Barnhart  on Gettysburg’s Lincoln Square at 8 a.m.