Correction officers accused of making inmates fight, fighting for their jobs

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Three York County Prison Correction Officers accused of running a sort of real-life fight club in the prison are now involved in their own fight, to keep their jobs.  David Whitcomb, Mark Haynes and Daniel Graff are accused of making inmates fight each other in exchange for coffee and other treats. They are also accused of making the inmates engage in bizarre behaviors such as snorting cruched candy bottle caps and eating spoonfuls of cinnamon.
Today the three men spent hours meeting with prison officials as part of an internal investigation within the prison. This is separate from the Pennsylvania State Police Investigation in which charges were recently filed against the three correction officers.

“Ultimately the personnel investigation will help the county staff determine what the employment outcome is for these individuals,” said Carl Lindquist, Spokesperson with York County.

 Right now all three prison guards are on unpaid administrative leave pending the outcome of the internal investigation. Lindquist says the criminal charges against the men will not influence the internal investigation.