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York Habitat for Humanity volunteers continue build despite heavy rain

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Two days of heavy rain across Central Pennsylvania caused a lot of disruptions, but one thing it didn’t stop was the York Habitat for Humanity Build Blitz in York County.

Instead of spending the day inside her warm, dry home, stay-at-home mom Stephanie Weber chose to pick up a hammer and join other habitat volunteers at a build blitz on Meadow Street in Jacobus.

“My kids are both in school, so I decided to come out and make a difference and help people,” she said.

The steady rain, very heavy at times, left volunteers soaked and muddy, but more determined than ever.

“The rain just is continuous today,” said Debbie Krout-Althoff, York Habitat’s executive director. “It was hard to get excited to come out here after being in the rain all day yesterday, but we do it for the family and for the volunteers.”

Lori Hanline’s family will move into the home once it’s finished. She joined the volunteers helping to bring up the walls of her home.

“It’s incredible. A lot of the people are straight from the neighborhood that want to come out and be supportive and help out,” Hanline said. “They want to see this get done.”

Once finished, the house will be wheelchair accessible for Hanline’s 13-year-old son Allen, who is physically and mentally disabled.

For volunteers like Weber, knowing they’re helping a family in need is all the motivation they need, rain or shine.

“It just feels so right to be here and really, to help her,” Weber said.

York Habitat for Humanity is always looking for volunteers to help with builds in the community. To find out how to get involved, visit its website here.