Brutal Pennsylvania Bus Beating Caught On Tape

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(CNN) Another brutal school bus beating last Wednesday is caught on tape in Pennsylvania.

It starts with two students being relentlessly taunted onboard a van ride home as one of the agitators suddenly punches the 17-year-old Dylan Fonner in the face resulting in a bloody nose and three chipped teeth.

Two teens have been charged after the disturbing video went viral, CNN’s Pamela Brown reports.

Pennsylvania state law requires bus drivers to pullover and call 911 for help or report the incident to authorities in an expeditious timeframe.

Though this driver allegedly did nothing and the incident wasn’t initially reported to police.

On Tuesday, the district attorney charged two of the 16-year-old aggressors with aggravated assault, simple assault, terroristic threats and related crimes.  They will not be charged as adults.

CNN’s Chris Cuomo spoke with Dylan’s mom, Jackee Fonner, about her thoughts on the punishment of the teens and the bus driver’s alleged inaction.

Fonner says it’s important that the abusers have been charged because they need ‘to realize that they’re not going to get away with it… Kids will be kids, teenage boys fight, I understand that. But they sucker punched my son.  But my biggest issue is with the bus driver… He was the adult in the situation and I mean I just can’t believe that he did absolutely nothing.”


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