Gettysburg National Park reopens

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Gettysburg National Military Park opened their gates and removed the barricades to the battlefield this morning.
Employees seemed excited to be back to doing what they love and visitors appeared happy to visit what many travelled miles to see.

The Gettysburg Foundation kept the museum and visitors center open during the shutdown, but many say they missed the main attraction – going out onto the battlefied.
Park rangers say the experience was really tough because they had to break the news to frustrated visitors.


Ranger Katie Lawhon said, “It’s been a really unforunate and stressfull situation for a lot of the employees here at the park, but also the local business community, our partners, and our visitors. It’s just been a touch situation all around, but we’re happy, fully open today and welcoming visitors.”

During the shutdown dozens of events, including two weddings had to be cancelled.
Although the area lost a lot of revenue with the 16-days they were closed, they say they are looking towards the future.
They have 32 days to get ready for the 150-th anniversary of the Gettysburg address which will be held on November 19th.

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