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Prescription drop off promotes safer environment and community

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Residents in York County are disposing of their unused and unwanted medications at various law enforcement stations.  It’s all part of a National Take Back Initiative.

11 police departments throughout York County participate in the medication drop off program.  At the Northern York County Regional Police Department, Administrative Lieutenant George Wasilko says so far this year, 276 pounds of prescriptions have been destroyed.  It’s an effort that keeps medications out of the wrong hands.

Wasilko says, “Painkillers, narcotics, controlled substances and only be used by the person prescribed.  If a person is not prescribed, it’s illegal possession of that narcotics.”

Once the bins are collected, law enforcement officers deliver the drugs to their final stop, the York County Solid Waste Authority.

Manager, Ellen O’Connor says, “It goes directly in the shoot, down the shoot, enters the combustion unit and it begins to burn.  Within 20 to 30 minutes that material is going to be destroyed and turned into ash.”

O’Connor says the process has a positive impact on the environment.

She says, “We’re actually taking those medications, assuring its completely destroyed and making power out of that garbage stream.”

For more information, contact the York County Solid Waste Authority or your area police department.