Students welcome home Central York High School principal

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You often hear of soldiers surprising their loved ones when they return home. Students and staff at Central York High School decided to turn the tables and surprise their special soldier, their principal.

1,700 students, faculty and staff lined the front of the high school to welcome Major Ryan Caufman after serving our country for the past two years.

Major Caufman is a member of the Pennsylvania National Guard and he was most recently deployed to Jordan.

“I had a son while I was deployed, so getting back and being with my kids and my family it has just been wonderful,” said Major Caufman.

As he arrived for his first day back to work he was greeted with cheers, people waiving American Flags and chanting ‘USA!’

“I was not expecting this at all!” said Caufman. “I’ve gotten great support from Central York high during my deployment, but this is like the icing on the cake. This was really nice of them,” said Caufman.

Caufman’s secretary Maureen Horner organized the special greeting. “He has been gone for about two years. The kids who have graduated knew him. The kids that have come in do not. I felt that it was really important for the kiddos to know who the principal is, and the sacrifices he has given to not only his family but everything else,” said Horner.

She had to hold back tears as she described Caufman. “He was missed. He is the principal of the high school, and the kids love him. The staff loves him, the faculty loves him, and we are just really glad to have him back!” said Horner.  “He is pulled in a thousand directions, so I get it. He is just a wonderful guy and he has really made a true sacrifice. We missed him tremendously, and we are very glad to have him back.”

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